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Crystal morning PV SNEC (2017) Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition successfully concluded


SNEC eleventh (2017) international solar energy industry and photovoltaic project (Shanghai) exhibition and forum has been brought to a close, and our company has successfully completed the exhibition. During the Photovoltaic Exhibition, our PV module products have been praised by customers both at home and abroad.

During the exhibition, the crystal morning Photovoltaic Exhibition Hall at W1-270, Shanghai New International Expo Center, has been crowded and bustling. The crystal shows four series of single crystal, polycrystalline, high efficiency, double glass and transparent components. At the same time, the exhibition calls for the photovoltaic system integrator, the photovoltaic engineering agent, the exhibition scene, and the customers have shown great interest to the customers. The customers come to negotiate a continuous stream of inquiries, and we are more encouraged by the clear expression of cooperation intentions between domestic and foreign customers. Our products attach great importance to the functionality and efficiency of products, attracting many businessmen from all over the world to stop and understand and discuss cooperation. Our sales staff actively and enthusiastically answer questions and introduce products to our customers.

The development and solutions of photovoltaic power plants have been devoted to the development and solutions of photovoltaic power plants, which contribute to the improvement of energy structure and energy reform, and further promote the development of clean energy.

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