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Position name: Regional Sales Manager
Post duties:
1. Relying on the company’s existing resources, actively explore the market, seek potential customers, complete the sales and promotion of the company’s products;
2. Complete the sales target according to the marketing plan.
3. Developing new markets, developing new customers and expanding the sales scope of products;
4. Be responsible for the collection of market information and the analysis of competitors.

5. Maintain customer relationship, feedback customer opinions and establish long-term strategic cooperation.

1. high school education or above, major in marketing and other related fields is preferred.
2.1-2 years of sales experience, outstanding performance is preferred, and sales of household appliances and PV products are preferred.
3. positive, clear thinking, enterprising and good teamwork spirit.
4. can accept the graduating graduates. Good treatment, base salary 3500-7000+!
Working place: Hefei Zawa International

Post name: Foreign Trade Sales Manager
Post duties:
1. assist the director of the office to complete the market development and translation work in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
2. the base salary is increased and the Commission is increased. Every quarter is stationed overseas for two months, returning home for one month, and accommodations and accommodation during overseas work.
Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, with certain marketing experience, and can adapt to long term business trip.
Working place: Hefei Zawa International

Post name: Director of planning
Post duties:
1. Market Research and collect market analysis information, provide support for sales department;
2. search and analyze market opportunities, integrate resources, formulate activity plans, and organize implementation to achieve product promotion and market promotion;
3. plan and organize various market research activities, explore market demand and change, and complete the feasibility report;
4. through the public number, the official website, the micro official website to carry out company activities, brand and product marketing.
5. website layout, public number design, promotion of soft ware, etc.
Working place: Hefei Zawa International

Job name: photovoltaic system engineer

Post duties:
1. familiar with the performance and application of photovoltaic system related devices such as solar panels, controllers, inverters and batteries.
2. have independent design capability of photovoltaic power station, and can compile program document, technical document of project bidding, feasibility analysis report, project proposal, application and demonstration project application report.
3. site survey capability, simulation calculation, project feasibility analysis and site construction and equipment installation.
4. has the preliminary design of photovoltaic power station, the selection of PV system equipment and the ability of deepening design.
5. photovoltaic system engineering feasibility analysis and project design verification and project docking;
6. responsible for tracking the outsourcing projects of the company.
7. the commissioning and trial operation of the PV system project;
8. familiarity with photovoltaic related construction codes, design codes and acceptance criteria issued by different regions and countries.
9. familiar with industry users, be able to skillfully solve all kinds of electrical technical problems of photovoltaic power stations provided by power supply bureau and owners.

10. strong engineering and electrical design innovation ability, cost control consciousness, through electrical design to save construction costs.

1. college degree or above, such as photovoltaic technology application, electrical engineering, power system application, mechatronics and other related majors.
2. more than three years working experience in solar power station and PV system design.
3. proficient in using professional software such as drawing software and photovoltaic system development.
4. familiarity with the structure, performance, principle and theoretical foundation of solar photovoltaic off / grid connected application system is solid.
5. the wiring, the selection of the inverter, the optimization of the power system, the selection of all kinds of connection elements and the selection of equipment and the technical support and testing in the construction of the solar power system, which can be used to evaluate the effects of the grid connected by solar power system, and to put forward the corresponding solutions.
6. strong communication and presentation skills, coordination and collaboration skills, time management skills, learning and innovation ability, understanding ability, and good sense of service;
7. have the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
8. adapt to short-term travel;

9. honest and honest, responsible for work, excellent team spirit and good communication skills.

Working place: Hefei Zawa International

Contact: Li supervisor contact phone: 0551-65260077